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Who we are?

For almost five years we have been assisting startups and businesses .Brite B is a management consultancy. We specialize in accelerating profits while maintaining an efficient risk management system.

Our range of services is extravagant from finance and taxes advisory to consultancy on internal control systems and many more.The objective of this venture is to put our knowledge of business finances to your use.

Presently, we have a loyal and happy clientele from India: Chennai, Bangalore,And The Rest Of Tamilnadu
- Dubai
- London
Our diligence is the reason for our continously expanding clientele.

We not only strive hard to help you achieve new heights of success ,but we also make it simple; simple to understand and work on. This is because we have clearly laid down our methods for your company:
Save money: We help you save your money and resources by efficient cost cutting and minimum leakages.
Time is money: We give you an ‘autopilot’ version of your business. You will not have to waste time monitoring every detail, every single day. This will give you a chance to think bigger.
Securing the capital: Brite B is not only a master of bringing consistent profits but also making accurate profit predictions. You don't have to worry about the capital invested when with us constantly.
Our heart and hands: We are continuously, tirelessly working to bring you the best and unique solution according to your company.

What we offer?

Not everyone is patient with financial statements. Therefore we balance your sheets so that you can successfully balance your business.

Human resource is the biggest asset to the company and we help you maintain a proper database of your employees’ health with our review report, B-Pac.

Every business is prone to various risks, and we help develop a system to avoid future risks by a robust risk management system and continuous auditing.

Our Process

103+ Clients
20+ Startups Helped
300+ Returns Filed
15Cr Cost Cut for Businesses

Our Proposal for Way Forward:

New beginning: We diagnose the risks, leakages, and obstacles in your business and then develop a robust internal system. This initial phase of six months is completely dedicated to designing and implementing strategies to maximize profits.
Supporting, thereafter: To ensure continuous and steady returns, we monitor and audit the internal system for a year if that is required by the client.

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